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2019 Discovery
Artificial Intelligence

How should AI talk to your customers?
We discovered codes for half of the
Forbes fortune 100 companies.

2019 Latest Code

We are not living longer, we are living younger. Discovery for MorseLife residences in Florida.

Previous Discovery

What has been the Japanese first
experience with coffee. We helped
Japan to become a coffee country.
We discovered the code for
for coffee in Japan.

Culture Codes

Most of the time people have no awareness relating to their subconscious behaviors, and the reason behind why they make choices. This is why we need to define a process that allows us to access that information.

The process

Culture Code Discoveries

Syndicated Codes

A Syndicated Discovery is created when several companies join forces in the Archetype Discovery Process to achieve a breakthrough in understanding the Code of a given subject.

A syndicated discovery is conducted for several clients who share the costs. These codes are owned by ADW and can be purchased separately at any time.

Being part of the Discovery Team means you will have ownership of the Discovery and its results. Equipped with the correct tools, you will have the capacity to implement this strategy in your organization, becoming the in-house champions of the initiative.


Syndicated Code Discoveries

Why plan a discovery

Understanding – of the unspoken needs of your customer.

Knowledge – of the unconscious code related to your product, the “Logic of Emotion”.

You know the consumers’ unconscious language. You speak ”Archetype.”

Ownership – Within your organization, the Archetype Managers, the Core Team, and the Archetype Team, own the results. They made the discovery, did the presentation. They are the experts.

Alignment – Your staff now all speak the same language, and they understand it at the gut level.

They know the unconscious meaning of the words they use; they share and bring into awareness the Logic of Emotion.

Team Building – One of the results of your ownership and alignment is to create a team, which is highly motivated to use the knowledge of the Archetype, and to succeed in doing so. The relationship between your Product Managers and the Advertising Agency, for example, is transformed.

A Plan of Action – The purpose of the study is not to produce a report or a book, but to learn a language, and to use it. The Action Plan becomes a living thing. Before the end of the third phase, the staff starts using some of the findings and we usually have success stories before the end of the ten Imprinting Groups.

Coaching – and permanent support from the Archetype Studies team. You are the Champions; we are the Coaches.

Short-Term Results – which you can measure. Getting the rest of your organization behind the implementation of the code in your marketing strategy.

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