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What Our Clients Say

"The Corporate brand study conducted by Dr. Rapaille is probably the best piece of research this company has seen in a long time."

Beth Comstock
General Electric

"It was such a thought provoking rich and rewarding experience that I will not forget for the rest of my life."

Grace Han
Division Expertise
LG Electronics

"The depth of insight and the detail and the precision are far greater than those from traditional studies."

Mr. Soucare
Pfizer, France

"Dr. Rapaille's powerful insights have proven invaluable in understanding emerging markets and unmet needs of our customers."

Ellen J.Kullman
DuPont Company

"Not a day goes by when I don't hear, see or otherwise experience the archetype discoveries that we have made."

Dave Bostwick
Dir. Market Research
Daimler Chrysler

"Working with Dr. Rapaille led us to powerful new discoveries about the essence of Jack Daniel's which have advanced the strategic language we use and fueled organizational confidence in our vision for growth."

Jack V.O Kennard
Vice President
Brown-Forman Beverages

"His approach is unlike any other research methodology; it delivers answers to questions that cannot be addressed through traditional focus groups."

Kevin Keller
VP Internet Marketing
GMAC Insurance

Dr. Rapaille’s approach unlocks deep consumer insights. It’s a game changer in the market.”

Charlotte R. Otto
Global External Relations Officer

Archetype Discoveries Worldwide specializes in marketing strategies and has discovered codes for over half of the world’s Forbes Fortune 100 companies. Below are some of the clients and brands we have worked with.